Google Adsense Basic Guide for Newbie

Google Adsense Check

Your one blogspot site is enough to pay ur monthly internet bills!!

Yes it is true, and thousands are doing it. nd above all Google is providing the money (ur blogspot page also belongs to google). What we have to do is,just place google ads on our blog, that’s it! If ur blog is indexed in google (i.e. if ur website can b searched thru, BUT ITS NOT A COMPULSORY REQUIREMENT), u can b sure to have at least 30-40 visitors daily.

And this means one or two will definitely click on any one of the ads by google u place on ur page. For every click, google gives, maybe $0.1 ,or maybe $50 ! And this amount depends upon which ad the visitor has clicked.

So where to start!

You have already started with it, and u dont know. You have a blog and that is indexed in google (NOT A PROBLEM IF IT NOT INDEXED) search too!. That’s what is required. No money needed to register for this program (google adsense).

How and where to register?

Just go to the free registration page, by clicking the

Enter all information correctly (as the checks are to b mailed with ur name and address).

In most European countries and in US, google transfers money electronically too, i.e., directly in ur account (that saves time to wait for the checks). In Malaysia, i recomended you to request for checkes by mail.

After u register there, google will approve ur account in 24 hours (I am sure.. 100% possibility). If u are not a beginner, it will not be difficult for u to get the ad codes and paste them in the template/html editor of ur web page.

But if u are a real newbie for all such jobs, u should know this simple step by step clicking, to reach the ad codes in ur google account page.

After u log into ur google adsense account, click Adsense setup, then click Adsense for content, then click continue (2-3 times), till u get the ad-code. You have to copy that ad-code, that is written in JavaScript language and has words like this [SCRIPT TYPE, JAVA SCRIPT, PUB-******** ……, GOOGLE PAGE SYNDYCATION AND SO ON.]

Copy the whole code as it is and paste it anywhere between body and /body. Then save the changes.


Just after this step, when anyone opens ur page from anywhere in the world, They will see the ads by google of ur account, and if they are clicked from anywhere, google puts money in ur account. And when $100 accumulates, a check is mailed to the address u given.